Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WH Questions - With Pete the Cat

This year, we adopted Pete the Cat as our class mascot. I fell in love with the Pete the Cat books and the children have too! (There are two new books coming out in February and I already have them pre-ordered).  When we read "Pete the Cat Rockin' in my School Shoes," we went around the school and visited all of the places that Pete goes to in the book. We also took pictures of Pete in these places.

in the cafeteria

on the bus

on the slide
in the library
I made a Smartboard presentation entitled "Where is Pete?" Each day, we look at the pictures and the children respond to the question:
Where is Pete?    in the library....on the slide....on the the cafeteria.

I have since added a few more pictures - I took a picture of Pete on the fire truck during Fire Safety Week. I change the order of the pictures so the children don't get used to what comes next. They have really enjoyed this activity and they are getting a better understanding of the question "Where?"

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  1. So cute - my students are just now really getting into Pete the Cat and we LOVE IT!